Paving Norfolk

Patio Construction

Norfolk Driveways have been installling high quality patios in Norwich and surrounding areas since 1982.  We always use a high specification to ensure that the construction of your patio is structually sound as well as attractive.  If a patio is laid without the correct sub base, the slabs will sink and become uneven creating a tripping hazard.  All our patios are laid on a solid foundation which ensures that they will not sink or settle. 

If you have a manhole cover in your existing patio, we will replace it with an inset cover using the same materials as your patio so it will blend into the design. 

Surface water on patios & paths can cause damp problems in your home if paving is laid right up to your house.  We incorporate drainage to prevent this problem.

When constructing your patio, first we remove the existing patio, turf or sub base then lay a concrete base and consolidate.  We then install inset drainage covers where required and lay the paving (and edging blocks if applicable).  We remove and dispose of all garden waste then soil and grass seed any disturbed ground.