Paving Norfolk

Case Studies

patio - Block paved patio and paths


The customer's patio was dated and some of the slabs had cracked and let weeds through.  We removed the old paving and replaced it with block paving which complemented their house.  Steps and paths were added using the same blocks to allow easy access to all areas of the garden

patio - Block paved patio and raised beds


Our customer had a shingle area to the back of their house which they used for container plants and a seating area.  They wanted a patio for an outside table and chairs.  They were keen to grow more flowers and vegetables but wanted this area to also be low maintenance.  We removed the shingle and installed four raised beds.  We laid a central block paved patio and paths between the beds.  The paths and the height of the raised beds made access and weeding easy.  We also installed a pergola and trellis and scented climbing plants.  The patio area was now a pleasant place to relax and eat outside.  

patio - Patio in Norwich


The customer had only one row of slabs behind their house and stepping stones leading up to their garden shed.  They wanted a patio area with paths leading from the patio to their shed and also to the front garden.  We removed the old slabs and stepping stones and laid block paving and edging blocks.  The new block paving made the garden much more practical and brought the separate areas of the garden together.

patio - Patio in Norfolk


The customer had recently had a conservatory built and wanted a patio to surround this.  They wanted the paving to tie in with the brickwork on the conservatory and the house.  We laid textured paving slabs bordered with brick pavers.  The new patio gave ample space for outside entertaining and complemented the style of house perfectly.

patio - Patio in sloped garden

Norwich-patio-sloped garden

Our customer had a sloping garden which was laid to lawn.  They wanted a patio area but were concerned about how the different levels would work.  We brought in top soil to create a level area of lawn then installed a patio using textured slabs with a block paver edge.  We then constucted steps the full width of the patio for easy access to the rest of the garden.  This created a large area of level lawn for their children to play on and a great patio for the whole family to enjoy.

patio - Slab and block paved patio


The garden previously consisted of a lawn with borders.  Our customers wanted a low maintenance garden and for the areas between their house and shed to be linked with paving.  We removed the old lawn and created two main paved areas, one adjacent to the house and a circular area for a table and chairs.  The areas were linked with block pavers and shingle was laid to the remainder of the garden so our customers could place container plants between the paving.  This created a flexible and low maintenance garden.

patio - Patio with inset manhole covers


Our customer wanted a patio to surround their conservatory but were concerned that two existing manhole covers would spoil the appearance of the paving.  We laid paving slabs with a block paver edge and used inset covers to make the manhole covers blend in with the patio.  They also wanted to retain a small tree but didn't want this to limit the patio size so we incorporated this within the patio by bordering it with block pavers.  A path was also added the full length of the garden for easy access to other areas.

patio - Block paved patio & path


Our customer had old paving to the rear of their house which they wanted replaced with block paving.  They had a shingle path leading from their front to their back garden which they also wanted block paved.  We removed the old slabs and shingle and laid the new blocks in a stretcher bond pattern.  An existing manhole cover was inset with the same blocks and two door steps were constructed.  The new paving tied in perfectly with the colours of the house and brought the different areas of the garden together.

patio - New Patio in Drayton Norwich


Our customer had a patio laid previously which had sunk in places due to incorrect sub base construction.  They wanted a new patio large enough for entertaining and chose a blue black textured slab, edged with block paving.  A step was installed for easy access from the patio to the garden which was at a lower level.  The new patio provided a spacious area for relaxing and entertaining family and friends.

patio - Patio in Norwich


Our customers wanted a patio that would suit the style of their house.  They also wanted to increase the size of their patio and replace existing paths leading to their front & back gardens.  The new patio complemented their house and provided additional outside space.

patio - Patio in Norwich around conservatory


Our customer wanted a new block paved patio around their conservatory and paths leading from the patio to other areas of the garden.   We laid a patio area around the conservatory which provided enough space for an outside table & chairs then laid paths in the same paving down both sides of the house.  An existing drain cover was replaced with a cover inset with the same paving to blend in with the patio.  The new paving tied in with the colour of the house and provided easy access to different areas of the garden.





patio - Courtyard garden in Norwich


Our customer wanted to spend more time in their city courtyard garden so wanted an attractive and practical area to relax in.  We removed the shingle and concrete and laid charcoal block paving in a stretcher bond pattern throughout which unified the space.  Our customer was very happy with the end result and was looking forward to adding container plants to their new patio to complete the look.

patio - Norwich Norfolk patio grey slabs and brick paving


Our customers wanted a new patio to update the appearance of their back garden and be practical for their dogs.  We removed the existing slabs and laid new grey textured paving slabs edged with charcoal blocks.  An existing manhole cover was replaced with a recess cover to blend in with the patio.  The new patio provided a attractive area for the family to enjoy all year round.

patio - Curved patio in Norwich


Our customers in Norwich had existing paving which they wanted replaced with a fresh, contemporary patio.  They wanted the angular layout of the patio replaced with softer curves and a path to lead around the garage.

We laid 'silver haze' blocks with a curved profile and added a flower border.  Our customers were very pleased with their new patio which now did justice to their attractive home & garden.

patio - Slate steps in Norwich


Our customer wanted a low maintenance front garden.  The lawn and original shrubs were difficult to keep tidy so they decided to opt for a smaller circular lawn with borders all around for filling with plants of their choice.  They plain grey slabs leading to their front door didn't complement their house so they chose to replace these with steps constructed from natural slate and charcoal blocks.  Grey slate chippings were also laid to the front and sides of the property.  Our customer was very happy with how the matereials used enhanced the appearance of their attractive home.  

patio - Patio and raised beds Norwich Norfolk


The property was owned by a couple who enjoyed growing their own fruit and vegetables.  They already had a greenhouse and a small vegetable plot but wanted to incorporate these into a new garden design.  We laid a patio in Autumn Gold paving which has a warm hue that complemented their red brick house.  We constructed timber raised beds and laid paths in the same paving around the greenhouse and raised beds.  The new paving brought together all the seperate elements of their garden and created a space that was easy to maintain and enjoy.

patio - Red brick patio in Norwich


Our customer's house in Norwich had 2 sets of patio doors leading outside into their back garden but just a narrow strip of paving slabs around the house.  They wanted a large patio that would link the area between both sets of patio doors, giving them the impression of an 'outside room' when the doors were open in the summer months.  The paving we used was a subtle blend of red tones which perfectly complemented their red brick house.

patio - Red brick paths & driveway Norwich Norfolk

We laid a red brick driveway for this customer.  They also wanted a door step and paths constructed fron the same materials to link their front & back gardens.  The same charcoal border was used throughout to unify the separate areas.  Our customer was very pleased with the end result which instantly updated the appearance of their property.

patio - Circular lawn & patio Norwich


We are often asked to incorporate a border within a new patio to soften edges with planting.  Our customer had a small garden which was previously lawn with just a few slabs near the house.  They wanted to pave the majority of the garden but retain a small area of lawn.  They decided that a circular lawn in the centre of the paving would be the best way to acheive this.  We laid block paving in a stretcher bond pattern and added edging blocks around the lawn.  Our customer managed to keep an element of greenery in the design and create a low maintenance garden.

patio - New Patio in Wymondham


We were asked to provide a quote for a new patio in Norwich. Weeds had broken through the old slabs which had to be re-laid with new paving. A brick sett border was also added to match the colour of the house bricks. The customer was very happy with the design and was able to enjoy her outside space again.

patio - Slate patio in Wymondham


We completed a patio for a customer in Wymondham. The existing slabs were dated and a contemporary design was requested in slate paving. We incorporated steps and borders within the design to create a great space for relaxing & entertaining.