Paving Norfolk

Case Studies

driveway - Brickweave Driveway Norwich


Our customer had a narrow driveway in Norwich constructed from two rows of slabs leading to their garage.  The rest of their front garden consisted of lawn and shrubs.  The garden was not practical as they needed additional parking space.  We laid brickweave paving to the whole of the front garden.  Borders for planting were created to the sides and the front of the house.  The new brickweave driveway was practical, attractive and very low maintenance.

driveway - Brickweave driveway in Norwich


The front garden of our customers' home in Norwich had an old tarmac driveway which had begun to break up and let weeds through.  An unsightly manhole cover was also visable.  The remainder of the garden consisted of lawn and shrubs with a shingle path leading to the front door.  The customer was finding their garden difficult to maintain and the shingle from the path often encroached onto the driveway.  We laid block paving to allow space for more parking and extended the paving to the front door so a separate path was no longer needed.   The manhole cover was disguised with an inset cover laid with the same blocks.  A smaller area of lawn and beds was retained which was much easier to manage.

driveway - Block paving driveway in Norwich


The original Norwich driveway was gravel with slabs leading up to concrete steps.  We removed the gravel and extended the profile of the drive so the new block paved driveway lead up to the front door and a separate path was no longer needed.  We replaced the concrete steps with brick steps in the same colour as the house and replaced the old lawn area with low maintenance gravel.  We also added a brick border to the front garden for planting.

driveway - Block Paved Driveway in Swanton Morley


The driveway near Norwich was originally laid to gravel and weeds were growing through.  Our customer wanted to have a low maintenance driveway with ample room for parking which was both practical and attractive.  They also wanted to improve the appearance of a manhole cover which was in a prominant position on the driveway.  We widened the driveway and laid block paving incorporating an inset cover using the same blocks so this blended into the driveway.  The new block paved driveway suited the colour and style of the customer's property. 


driveway - Block Paved Driveway in Drayton, Norwich


The existing driveway in Norwich was laid to tarmac and the rest of the front garden consisted of a large border, brick paving, stone chippings and lawn.  The customer wanted a larger parking area which we created by reducing the size of the border.  They also wanted the front garden to have a more unified appearance which we achieved by removing the tarmac, brick paving and stone chippings and replacing the whole area with block paving which tied in with the colours and style of the property.

driveway - Concrete driveway replaced in Shipdham


Our customers had a concrete driveway near Norwich which had cracked and lets weeds through.  They wanted a more contemporary approach to their house and chose block paving in a contrasting silver haze colour.  There was a narrow concrete path leading to their front door - they wanted this to be incorporated into the design of the new block paved driveway so we added a curve between the driveway and path and laid the path in the same blocks.  A wide strip of grass between our customers  driveway and their neighbours was replaced with a thin strip of gravel to improve the appearance and maximize the driveway width. 

driveway - Brickweave Norwich - driveway with turning area


Our customer's driveway opened out onto a busy road in Norwich so a turning area within the driveway was very important.  The driveway was laid to gravel with a narrow turning area to the front of the property.  It was difficult to turn without driving onto the lawn which was spreading the gravel onto the grass.  The old driveway was giving the property a dated look and our customer wanted the new driveway to provide a more contemporary appearance.  We laid burnt ember block paving in a brickweave herringbone pattern with a contrasting charcoal border.  The new driveway tied in with the colours of the house and allowed ample room for parking and turning.

driveway - Tarmac driveway replaced with brickweave in Mattishall, Norfolk


Our customer near Norwich wanted a brick paved driveway wide enough for 2 cars in colours that complemented their house.  We widened access to the property and installed new double farm gates.  They also wanted the tarmac drive, slab & concrete paths to be replaced with brickweave paving to give a more unified appearance to the front garden.  The old lawn needed replacing so we removed this and laid turf to complete the new look. 

driveway - Norwich brickweave paved driveway


Our customer had a tarmac driveway in Norwich and wanted to update the approach to their house.  They also wanted the driveway widened to provide parking for a second car.  They asked for the existing lawn to be removed and replaced with a border and area of slate chippings.  The new driveway was laid in a brickweave pattern using burnt ember bricks edged with charcoal blocks.  The new driveway complemented our customer's attractive home and created a low maintenance front garden.

driveway - Widened block paved driveway in Norwich


Our customers wanted their Norwich driveway to be widened and updated.  We removed the old concrete driveway and laid new block paving in a stretcher bond pattern.  We took down part of the front wall and rebuilt this to provide wider access.  The new driveway was extended beyond the front door which gave a more symetrical appearance to the front garden.  We removed the old shingle and laid new stone which included a sub base area suitable for additional parking & turning.  A border was also added to the front of the property.  Our customers were very pleased with their new driveway which enhanced their property and provided additional parking.

driveway - Block paved driveway Norwich


Our customer wanted their Norwich driveway to complement their attractive home and be easy to maintain.  The existing shingle driveway was removed and block paving laid in a stretcher bond pattern.  They were unhappy with the existing profile of the driveway so we widened this to create additional space for parking and shaped the driveway to improve the overall appearance of the front garden.  Our customers were very pleased with the end result which updated and enhanced their property. 

driveway - Brickweave driveway and patio Norwich Norfolk


We were asked to lay a driveway at a barn conversion near Norwich.  The driveway swept around the property and towards a nearby block of garages.  We removed the existing gravel and laid brick paving in a stretcher bond pattern throughout the whole driveway and patio.  The colour of the brick paving complemented the warm red brick of the property and the new driveway enhanced our customers' beautiful home and garden.

driveway - Norwich brickweave driveway


Our customers had an attractive red brick house but it's appearance was let down by a patchy gravel driveway.  We removed the gravel and laid charcoal block paving in a stretcher bond pattern.  An old drain cover was replaced with an cover inset with the same blocks to blend into the driveway.  The red brick of the house and charcoal colour of the paving worked well together to create a fresh new look for the approach to our customer's home.

driveway - Brckweave driveway Norwich


Our customer's front garden was part shingle driveway, part lawn.  The driveway had become patchy and untidy and was too narrow to accomodate more than one car.  We widened the driveway profile, taking the paving right up to the front door which created ample space to park two cars.  We retained part of the lawn and borders so there was still plenty of greenery in the front garden.  Our customers were very happy with their new driveway which complemented the style of their home and resolved their parking problems.  

driveway - Brickweave-drive-Norwich


We were asked to install a new driveway for a customer near Dereham, Norwich.  The existing driveway was constructed from concrete and stone and was not enhancing our customer's home.  We removed all old materials and laid brick pavers in a herringbone pattern up to the garage.  We also added paths to the side of the garage and front of the house.  We used 'autumn' bricks by Bradstone and the blend of colours complemented the colour of bricks in the bungalow.  Our customer was very happy with the end result.

driveway - New brickweave driveway and path


We were asked to install a new driveway and front path for a customer in Norwich.  Their original driveway was tarmac which had become untidy and patchy over the years and their path was made of slabs which were laid on different levels leading to their front door.  They chose a brindle block with red tones to complement the colours of their house bricks. The same block and laying style was used on both the driveway and the path.  The new paving updated the approach to their house and enhanced their already attractive home.

driveway - Brickweave driveway in Norwich


Our next job was a driveway in Norwich.  Our customer's old driveway was shingle and lawn and they wanted this replaced with block paving.  The whole of the front garden was paved which created a large parking area.  A wide step was installed to the front door which extended to the full width of the front porch.  The blocks in 'autumn' tied in with the colours of the bricks in the house.  Our customers were very happy with the new look for their home.

driveway - Extended block paved driveway in Wymondham


We received a call from a customer.  Their existing brickweave driveway in Wymondham near Norwich had sunk in places due to the base not being properly constructed. We widened the profile of the driveway to allow space for additional parking, laid a concrete base and used charcoal block paving in a stretcher bond laying pattern. The customer was very happy with their new block paved driveway which transformed the entrance to their home and allowed them to park both their cars on the driveway at night.

driveway - Steep Driveway in Norwich


We were asked to look at a concrete driveway in Norwich. The surface had broken up and weeds had started to grow through the gaps. It was a steep driveway so careful consideration was needed to comply with current driveway regulations to ensure that surface water was not directed from the driveway to the public road. We laid a block paved driveway and installed soakaways and channel drainage to redirect any surface water into the garden.

driveway - Gravel driveway replaced in Hethersett


We were asked to provide a quote for a block paved driveway in Hethersett. The existing gravel driveway encroached onto the public path. Leaves from the hedge and weeds were making the driveway surface look untidy. The new block paved drive could be easily swept clean of leaves and was weed free making it a very low maintenance driveway.

driveway - Brickweave driveway Norwich


A customer called requesting a driveway repair in Norwich. Unfortunately the existing slabs had deteriorated too much and had been incorrectly laid with no allowance for drainage of surface water.  This had created damp problems in the house. We installed a new brickweave driveway and added a brickweave path to surround the property. We rectified the drainage problem to ensure that the damp problem was resolved.

driveway - Brickweave Norwich - new driveway


Our next customer had a shingle driveway in Norwich which had become untidy. It was a shared driveway and the stone was encroaching onto the neighbours brick sett drive. A manhole cover was also a prominent feature on the driveway. We laid block paving in a brickweave pattern and installed a new inset manhole cover set with the same blocks to make the cover blend in with the brickweave driveway. A border in brick setts was added to complete the design.