Paving Norfolk


Norfolk Driveways are specialists in the installation of brickweave and brick paved driveways and patios in Norwich and surrounding areas.  All our driveways are laid on a concrete base. This creates a solid construction and ensures that the driveway does not sink or settle.

The existing surface / sub base is removed to a depth of 300mm.  The drainage and inset covers are installed then a 150mm concrete sub base is laid.

Edging blocks are concreted in to create stability of the whole structure. The main blocks are laid on a 50mm bed of screeded sand and compacted with a vibrating plate before the joints are filled with kiln dried sand. 

We always address drainage issues to ensure that water does not lie next to the house & cause damp problems in your property.

A significant proportion of our work is remedial where work has been carried out previously by contractors who have failed to install a sufficient sub base.  This can be a costly excercise as the customer has already paid to have the driveway constructed then will have to pay a reputable company to remove the old driveway and rebuild using the correct specifications.  Our 10 year guarantee will provide you with peace of mind that your driveway has been correctly installed and will continue to look good in the future.  

We can also construct steps, paths and patios using the same materials as your driveway or contrasting products if preferred.


Driveway & Patio Laying Patterns

Norfolk Driveways are specialists in the installation of brickweave and brick paved driveways and patios in Norwich and surrounding areas.

Bricks, blocks and setts are available in a wide range of styles and colours and can be laid using several patterns e.g. brickweave, herringbone and random patterns.

We would be happy to offer advice on colours and styles that would suit your property and can supply you with product catalogues and sample blocks to help you make a decision.

Driveway Drainage Regulations

Norfolk driveways have been installing driveways in Norwich and surrounding areas since 1982.  You may have heard about recent government legislation regarding the installation of driveways. All driveways must now incorporate the necessary drainage to ensure that surface water is not directed onto a public highway or to a domestic drain. We fully assess all your drainage requirements before starting work and install channel drainage and soakaways to ensure that your driveway meets all the current regulations.

Manhole / Inset Covers

If you have existing drain covers in your driveway we will incorporate specialised covers which are inset with the same paving used to ensure that the drain cover does not spoil the appearance of your driveway or patio.