Paving Norfolk


14th April 2015

We have just completed a new driveway in Norwich. Our customer's old driveway was constructed from tarmac and sloped towards their house. The correct drainage had not been installed at the time and this had caused damp issues in their home. We removed the tarmac, installed channel drainage and soakaways and laid a new driveway in brick paving. This month is well known for April showers and heavy rain can highlight problems with your existing driveway and drainage. In some cases, we are able to carry out remedial work to a driveway to correct drainage issues. In other cases, we may have to remove the driveway and lay a new one in order to comply with current drainage regulations. If you have problems with your driveway, give us a call and we will carry out a full assessment of your drainage issues as part of our free quotation.